The Ninth IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop       
10th-13th July 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Mr. Helio Librantz, Embraer, Brazil

Multi-sensor applications in aircraft technology: Embraer experience  - pdf

Abstract: Historically, multi-sensor technologies have been employed in a wide range  of applications in aircraft systems and aircraft development processes and  tools. The constant search for optimization in the areas of defense  applications, aeroelasticity, maintenance and navigation systems, for example, illustrate the ample spectrum of multi-sensor systems in  operation and also some challenging developments that are yet to reach  adequate level of maturity for effective use in real applications. This  talk covers some examples of existing solutions in the aircraft industry  and also some expectations in terms of future developments that are in  process or are expected to be applied in the near future as promising technologies for optimum performance of aircraft systems in order to  provide gains in terms of safety and operation, as well as maintenance  costs optimization. 


HELIO LIBRANTZ is a senior specialist engineer in Electrical Systems and also in EMI, HIRF and Lightning Protection of Aircraft and is presently the Leader of Equipment Engineering at the Embraer Chief Engineering Office. He has been a Brazilian authority ANAC DER (Designated Engineering Representative)  for the last 27 years, and has been responsible for managing electro-electronic systems certification projects of aircraft modifications and new products development programs at Embraer from 2008 up to 2011. Helio Librantz is an active voting member of SAE AE2 Lightning Committee, contributing to the development of technical standards on HIRF and Lightning Protection technologies for the aerospace industry and a member of IEC TC107. He is also a frequent participant of FAA ARAC (Aerospace Rulemaking Advisory Committees) related to aircraft electrical systems requirements and standards development. He joined Embraer in 1979, after being involved with aircraft electrical systems since 1972, when he first joined VARIG Airlines maintenance engineering. During this 35+ years at Embraer he has held a variety of engineering and managing positions in systems design, integration and certification. Helio Librantz received his B. S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, in 1974 and has participated of specialization courses on Aircraft Lightning, Avionics Systems Lightning and Aircraft HIRF Protection training courses, becoming the main specialist in these technologies at Embraer.